Friday, May 11, 2012

Joy the Baker Cookbook by Joy Wilson (Book)

Joy the Baker Cookbook by Joy Wilson (Book)

I  l.u.v. cookbooks... especially ones with recipes that are accessible and accomplishable (new word alert)... and I have shelves of them... most of which I use to look up certain recipes when I'm looking for certain recipes... up until now I could not say that I have ever "read" an entire cookbook, but that is exactly what I did with Joy the Baker Cookbook: 100 Simple and Comforting Recipes... I sat down with a HUGE cup of tea and read the entire cookbook... cover to cover... including ingredients and prep directions... and I wasn't putting it down until I had mentally prepared and tasted every single one of the "100 simple and comforting recipes."

I now have a new goal... to ACTUALLY prepare and taste every single one of the "100 simple and comforting recipes."

Ok... I've prepared a couple of them already... and they rocked... also I'm not the "baker" type at all, but I am officially inspired to give baking a real go of it (in my head, I said that last sentence in the lovely, mellifluous voice... and British accent... of Nigella Lawson... so that happened.)

Joy started out (as far as I know) her "public" persona with her blog which you should totally check out... and subscribe to... even if you don't like to cook... or bake... her stories are worth it alone.

So, back to why I READ this cookbook... Joy has an amazing relationship with the food she makes... like it's part of her family... and she's brilliant at putting all of that feeling into words... and food.  She makes you want to spend all day in the kitchen... gently and lovingly pulling comfort and "joy" from your oven... all day, every day.  I'm super tempted to just stop the rest of my life and start baking...

My Recommendation:  Get baking!  And take time to read her stories too... they will make you adore what you are about to create...

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Lies That Chelsea Handler Told Me by Chelsea's Family, Friends, and other Victims (Book)

Lies That Chelsea Handler Told Me by Chelsea's Family, Friends, and other Victims (Book)

Chelsea Handler is an asshole.  And it's awesome... I think she might take the cake for best prankster in the world, but according to her menagerie of misfits (ahem... victims) she more than makes up for it with loyalty, generosity, and kindness (shhh, don't tell anyone, I'm pretty sure she wants to keep all that goody-goody crap a secret.)  It's that whole you-only-get-teased-if-I-actually-care-about-you kinda thing... which I totally get... ask my kids... and my friends...

While Chelsea herself only authored little retaliatory blurbs at the end of each chapter of Lies that Chelsea Handler Told Me, she definitely contributed to 100% of the pain, agony, and embarrassment that each of her friends endured (one chapter per... and they are looonnnng chapters... about the pranks Chelsea has masterfully pulled on all of them.)

This book, while funny, makes you laugh that really nervous "holy crap, did she really just do that??" laugh... and it also makes you wonder why ANYONE would ever trust any story from her, no matter how rational she made it sound...

I was left utterly impressed at her ability to keep a straight face, brilliantly (and successfully) improvise on the spot when needed, and maintain the patience of Job while the pranks played out... her friends?  well, while they don't WANT to be impressed... they can't really help it... they even seem to love her all the more for it.

My Recommendation:  If you like pranks, read this... it will make the show Punk'd seem... well, lame, really...  If you like Chelsea, read this... more of her antics are not a bad thing here... and if you just find her to be an asshole, with no redeeming qualities, you could probably use this book to back up all of your arguments...